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I finally figured out how to install CiviCRM. I used version 2.0.4 on Joomla! 1.5 Legacy far so good.

Install steps:
1. Download zip file to computer and then Upload it to

2. Use Joomla! Xplorer to unpack it. After unpacking,it should be here:

3. Go to Install from Directory and enter your ENTIRE path. If you don't know what that should be (which is what my problem was) go to the Help>System Info>Configuration Path and scroll down to $log_path. This is the ENTIRE path you should be adding when using Install from Directory.

Your path will probably look something like this:

4. The actual install process may take five or so minutes.

Good Luck!!!

The software as we all know is great! This is just what my non-profit needs to complete the site and manage its operations comprehensively. CivicEvent is the answer to lots of our prayers/requests, and I prefer the Joomla! administration panel to that of Drupal.

Hope this helps.....CiviCRM Rocks!!