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bySebastyne, February 7, 2011
CB Advanced Search
I tried this one out about a year or two ago, and at the time I was impressed by the developers fast response to suggestions to improve the component. (Showing profile photos & linking them to the profile.) This time, I just want to write a review and give thumbs up. It works, it looks nice enough, and for 25 Euros, it's a good value. (Although for US dollar it doesn't look so good at the moment.) It is simply enough written that with very basic coding skills you can do some tweaking to it without turning gray, which is great.

Now the annoyance... The required 3 characters for keyword search. Why oh why! It's probably great for massive sites, but for a smaller site like mine it returns too specific results even if you search by a keyword such as "and"; it excludes everyone who hasn't fully filled their profiles. Keywords are great for topical searches, but when you're looking for people, it's probably best left open and just search with the values in the generic fields. Age, sex, location - that sort, you're not always interested if they used a specific word in their "about me".
Owner's reply

Hello Sebastyne,

We'll have an update next month with some minor improvements and the 3 char search will be fixed, thanks for purchase and honest review!


bySebastyne, March 30, 2010
Akeeba Backup
I have a project where we're basically repeating the same custom project over and over, while the basic setup is highly customised Joomla installation, it requires only little tweaking to new customers. This extension has made it so much easier and faster to copy the basic installation to new servers, so that we can continue customising it from there on. Thank you!
bySebastyne, February 8, 2008
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I was so happy yesterday when I tried it, that I almost cried! I will still be anxiously waiting for the user sync. feature so possibly using Community Builder will become possible, but just being able to FINALLY combine SMF with Joomla is just wonderful. :)
bySebastyne, September 26, 2007
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Simple RSS Feed Reader
Simple and sweet, works first try and... well, what more could you possibly ask for? :)

The only problem I have now is where to find content that won't put my visitors to sleep... :p