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bySengaB, February 20, 2014
StackIdeas provides a professional and efficient customer service. I have experienced their services for over 12 months. Note that Komento also integrates with Joomla, K2, JEvents, Alter Glossary, and ZOO from YooTheme, and probably other components. A treasure in social interaction. Highly recommended.
bySengaB, July 3, 2013
Alter Glossary
This is a great must-have extension. After purchasing several glossary components from other companies without satisfaction and with many issues, I decided to try Alter Glossary. It had no reviews, but I was amazed at what it had to offer.
Apart from being a well written and coded component with features described in the documentation really working, the level of support goes beyond anything I have had before. Moreover, the folks at AlterBrains took the time to configure it to work with other components, and did so quickly. Our site has over 15 components from other vendors, and AlterBrains functions and integrates easily.
Layout and configuration flexibility for a great price! I asked if they could add Komento to the glossary, and they did it! If you are looking for a glossary, don’t hesitate. A big thank you to the AlterBrains team.
bySengaB, April 19, 2013
Freestyle Support
Freestyle Support Portal is a simple component to install and configure in record time. Well designed and structured, it is easy to customize it, even for a non-developer like me. The online documentation and forum, as well as the simple and straightforward configuration are just perfect. High value at little cost. Highly recommended!