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bySettler, June 20, 2013
It's a nice feature for some of the rockettheme templates , but using it as a gallery and source for article images is not easy - the support also has no clue.
The workflow is not what I think a gallery can do.

The videos are nice, the examples are easy and you wonder, what else you can do with it. The fact is: nothing else - or not much without running against walls. Forum is not much help either. Documentation? No, just some cases how to use the gallery. Want to do someting other? Trial and error.

The backend:
you only see thumbs with no further information. If you have two or more pictures looking quite the same you have to click, no other chance.

You can give pictures titles and tags and search for them. Filenames are dumped, no chance to use anything from it.

At all it's quite nice for online editing, some rockettheme template feature and to use it as a simple gallery it will be quite ok, but there are better out there.

Using pictures from the gallery in articles is where my current wall is (black bars top and bottom of the thumb).
I do not want to upload the same images twice.
bySettler, June 12, 2013
Editor Switcher
Does what it say:
- easy editor switching
- default editor selectable

Hint: You have to set Editor Switcher as default editor