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bySevenSages, October 7, 2013
Watchful Client
I've waited so long for a service like this. Having to manage many Joomla sites on several servers was a major workload. Each site had different extensions that had to be kept track of also.
Finally, with Joomla itself giving us clickable updates, and now with allowing us to do it all remotely, there is less to worry about with outdated extensions and hacks.

Sometimes it seems there is an update for an extension that I haven't seen posted on a developers website or rss feed yet. is watching out for site and server admins.
Owner's reply

Watchful supports more updates than any other service and the list keeps growing. Glad you find that feature useful.

DB Replacer
Finally, with Joomla 1.7 we do not have to deal with the silly /images/stories/ folder for all of our images. It was so annoying that everything has 'stories' for an image URL.

So, after migrating a site (using sp_upgrade), I then rearrange the images directory to a structure of my liking. Even if it's a simple move up in the folder tree.

db_replacer allows me to quickly change all [src="images/stories/] to [src="images/]

While I am at it, if I decide to rearrange or rename image folders, it is a simple src="images/old_folder/ replaced by src="images/new_folder_name/

If I needed it more frequently, like for changing affiliate links or branding, I would get the pro version in an instant. For my one-time use, it was still worth a donation.

Thanks for saving me hours of tedious work (or having to do the sql query myself)
bySevenSages, October 9, 2011
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SP Upgrade
After several attempt to migrate a site using jUpgrade, and never getting it to work for some reason, I tried SP Upgrade.

Poof, worked. It was worth paying for.
However, one thing should be noted... this extension requires mySQLi (vs normal mySQL)

I do not know what my problem is/was with jUpgrade. It seems to work for many. The process is a little different also.

jUpgrade is installed in the 1.5 site, and then downloads, installs and migrates. SP Upgrade is installed in a fresh, empty 1.7 site, and pulls the content from the old 1.5 site.

I have a few more sites to migrate over, and I hope everyone goes as smooth as this one. (I'll also try jUpgrade on the others to see if it was just a problem with templates/extensions). If you are have trouble using the 'official' migration tool, try paying for this one and see if it works for you.