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Shane Locker

byShane Locker, April 30, 2014
Jomsocial has been great and served me very well for the last 2 years. Despite this, I am now drowning in spam signups.

With just Joomla, the sign up process I can enable captcha, but not Jomsocial. I have paid for an Aksimet subscription in desperation as the team recommends, however this has not curbed the sign up spam issue.

Until we can have a simple captcha work on sign up, I am putting this on ice.
Owner's reply

JoMSocial have built in Captcha since it's early versions, and you should be able to enable it any time in JomSocial registration flow.

Also, it's important to know how JomSocial is not a user manager. All users at your Joomla site are handled strictly by Joomla itself. JomSocial only extend it with it's profile features.

That being said, if you have any other component that allow creation of new users, it could easily be "exploited" for spam purpose.
And another thing to consider, even without ReCaptcha (which is as stated earlier disabled by default but can be enabled) JomSocial already have the built in system against spammers, and thats simply a custom profile fields.

I purchased this initially to work with 5.4. No tracking features is available for Analytics conversion and attempts to communicate this were not met with any commitment to address the shortcoming.
Joomla as well as VTiger 6 are free open source software, while Joomtiger is paid for and supports up to VTiger 5.4, it only supports VTiger 6 paid (On Demand), in all fairness the free VTiger 6 version has only been out since January 2014, however attempts to get a handle on a timeline or roadmap for being VT6 free compatible is met with poor communication.
byShane Locker, February 24, 2014
QR Code Elite
I think QR codes are here to stay, and having them auto-generated is key when sites start getting large or urls start changing. So this takes care of that problem for me.

I had noticed that the meta tags for the images were not showing, so I dropped the team a line to ask if they could consider it and within hours they had done it and emailed me the update, awesome!
byShane Locker, January 28, 2014
jCart for OpenCart
Unfortunately this purchase has left me wanting. I generally enjoy the value I derive from Joomla commercial extensions but this one was a high price and I am simply underwhelmed. I have reverted to OpenCart in a wrapper to preserve the finishing touches I did not locate within this extension.
byShane Locker, October 5, 2012
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Vtiger Customer Portal vtptickets
10 months on no use of this, purchased full version. I asked for proper instructions nothing has been forthcoming.
The offer for help was that I give full access to my system, which is a security issue for me, and I think the issue may be SSL related, but I am not sure.
Owner's reply

It is a pity to hear you did not get it work. There are instructions, faqs and contacts possibilities on our site and instruction videos on You Tube. This component is a STAND ALONE extension (no need of any other software), which can be used if you put in the right settings. These settings are a "Vtiger Portal Server Path", "Character Set" and if you like to see the portal without registering in Joomla or not. We are at all time available to help our customers, and sometimes we need to see things in the working settings, and therefor we ask credentials to see what is happening and to correct wrong settings inside the options/settings. If your vtiger installation works and the portal from vtiger is working then most likely our component will also. Hope to hear from you so we can help to solve this problem.