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byShaneR, September 20, 2012
AutoTweet NG
This is well written but just note, this posts only to their API accounts, not yours. Is a paid version if you want it posted to YOUR twitter account and your facebook account.
Owner's reply


Right now, we are working to publish a whole new AutoTweetFree v6.0.

We are going unify the code base, so this version is going to have the same basic features.

We plan to launch the next version in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your feedback!
Suppor Team

byShaneR, September 10, 2012
I have used this product along with EasyBlog and the pros would be great ideas and extensive features.

The cons are, the functionality is filled with issues that require an update, but have not seen one in a while. These issues are fairly obvious if you set up a fair size site and use it, so not small issues. I believe less time has been spent on this product compared to EasyBlog as that site fails to have the same issues. Please look for an update before committing to this product as a paid extension.
byShaneR, July 6, 2012
I love the Extension except for the fact that I have to go through and change tags. For example, I am getting alt tags in href's and title tags in thing shows urgency in getting the product out without searching for errors.
Owner's reply

Shane, Thank you for your review! Alt tags are actually good for usability purposes. We have customers who uses screen readers to render the page. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback here but if you need any help at all removing them, feel free to contact our support at no cost :)