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Don't get me wrong. This extension does exactly what it supposed to do. If you need to convert a link to a basic "Lightbox" pop-up - this is the right extension.
On the down side - You can only use px to the the pop-up window size. You cannot move the X button to the top and the box cannot be resized nor moved.
Accordeon Menu CK
Exactly what I needed. Professional look, easily put on top of an existing menu, endless options while keeping customization straightforward. Took me less that 2 hours to move my site to this menu add-on.
byShaul, November 8, 2012
Freestyle FAQs
I wanted to add a "Q&A" entry to my main menu and have this "Q&A" section categorized.
I'm not a total beginner with J! but I'm surely not a pro. So I naturally had no problem installing this extension.
The problem usually arises when you want to integrate it to your site (Took me 5 minutes) or to configure the extension (took me 30 minutes). The great thing about it that it did exactly what I expected it to do.
One more nice thing about FreeStyle FAQ - it has a simple built in BU/Upload system so.
Thank you guys!
This is an excellent extension for creating a multi-level sub-menus. It has very good developer's user interface with very high level of flexibility.
I used it to replace a native Joomla! menu, it's functional now.
I'm not an expert with Joomla! so it took me about 30 minutes to deploy the extension, 3 hours to make the menu functional and a whole day to tweak it to the look and feel I wanted. Or rather very close to this.
The option to create a CSS file is a good compromise between flexibility and usability. However, once you created a CSS file you keep running over it as the way to CSS is a one way street: Once you created this file you cannot continue working with excellent native user interface.
Now don't get me wrong, you will hardly ever need to go to the CSS file. I did, because I wanted a menu with entries that separated with horizontal lines.
Thank you guys for this very good extension!
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
In Short:
Installed in minutes. No more SPAM in my forum.
I have a site that contains a Forum. I had to clean my forum DAILY from SPAM, mainly adds to you-know-what. I tried several types SPAM protection including Google's recaptcha.
ECC+ was the easiest to install and I have ZERO spam ever since. Thank you guys!
Owner's reply

EasyCalcCheck Plus = No spam, just fun! ;-)

Thank you for your review!