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byShazster, May 9, 2013
2J ImageViewer
Easy to configure and does what is says on the box and looks great.
This is my second 2J extension for a 2.5 site. The products are professional and generally work well without support and without making other extensions fall over.
Highly recommended.
2J Gallery
Using this on a 2.5 site. I'm a relative Joomla novice and had no problem installing it or getting it running.
The fact that this extensions resizes the thumbnails for you and gives you a number of customisable options is great.
Excellent support too. I highly recommend it. The only drawback is there appears to be some incompatibility with displaying albums within a page Joomblog. It worked fine initially but fell over after upgrades (upgraded both - so not sure where the issue was introduced).
byShazster, May 9, 2013
JEXTN Testimonial
This is a great option if you are looking for a simple testimonial component that looks good, is easy to set up and offers good and efficient support. I'm fairly new to Joomla and websites and managed to do the basics - but did require some support to sort out some glitches (some still in process, but purchases as roughly 24 hours ago).
I've only given it a three-star rating because the category function has not been thought out well. You can display testimonials for a particular category which is what you would expect. But if you add a testimonial or click on the read more option, the extension takes you to a page that includes all testimonials, not just the ones related to the category - so this requires support to get it working as you want it to.
I also found that it did not work with breadcrumbs - again I think this will be resolved with support (or switching off breadcrumbs for affected pages) but I would expect it to work without support.