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byShelbourne, July 26, 2012
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I have nothing but good things to say about Jotcache. It is an awesome extension and I include it on every Joomla website that I build.

Website performance is critical to online success, and Joomla is sometimes hard to tame. When I found that Joomla's default cache option interfered with Chronoforms and caused other problems, I was worried to see that there were only a few third party extensions available.

Thankfully, one of those third party extensions was Jotcache, and it works like a charm. When I originally installed it, I noticed that my Roktabs extension wasn't rendering properly in Internet Explorer. The solution? Individual caches for each browser! Brilliant.

It drastically improves site performance and has the options you need in order to exact more control over the caching of your Joomla site.

Yesterday I ran into another problem on a fresh install: Jotcache didn't seem to be working despite having the same settings used on a previous setup. I emailed Vlado and he responded within a few hours. I gave him access to my site and within a day he had responded with the solution: another third party extension was interfering.

What more can you ask for? I almost feel bad accepting the extension for free.

Thanks for everything, Vlado! Joomla thrives because of contributions like yours. Keep up the great work!