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byShelomit, October 21, 2013
Redirect on Login
I used this extension for a school site. It has a section for parents of which teachers edit part (class pages). Also the school secretary can make minor edits on the front end. I wanted parents going to the parents section, teachers going directly to their class pages, and the secretary going to the home page. This extension did the job perfectly, easily and in a very short time. Congratulations on very useful extension.
byShelomit, January 24, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I used this component for a list of service providers. It was easy to configure, works beautifully, and the support was first class. I needed help with the css, and got very prompt and very helpful responses to my queries.
byShelomit, January 10, 2012
BookLibrary Basic
I used this component for a lending library, and purchased the pro version because I wanted multiple categories. I was able to configure most of it to suit my client's requirements, but did need a couple of fields added in the lend request form, which the Ordasoft team took care of very promptly and effectively. Support was always first class. The ISBN feature is invaluable, instantly bringing in all the relevant information. My server does not provide the PHP YAZ extension, so I could only search Amazon (as in the Basic version) for old ISBNs. However googling, copying and pasting worked ok for the few I couldn't do automatically. I'm VERY happy with this extension, and my client is delighted! What I would like to see is a way for the client to review lend requests from the front end. Congratulations to the Ordasoft team for a great extension.
byShelomit, January 2, 2011
Sliding Image Links
This is an elegant extension, and is working beautifully for me. I used it with an Artisteer template on the Home page of an information site.

It works perfectly at the set height of 200px, but I wanted less height (125px). I found that just altering the height in the control and using images 125px high resulted in the images not rendering properly in the browser. When I added a 75px bottom border to the images to bring them to 200px, they rendered perfectly at the height I wanted.

Currently it works only in articles. I would like to be able to use it in a module in the banner1 position so that it stretches right across the page, and look forward to this development.

Support was excellent and very prompt, even though it was holiday time and busy season.

Thank you for a stylish extension and excellent support.