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byShift101, December 3, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
It is a fact, newsletters, when they are correctly used, are one of the most powerful and profitable e-marketing tool nowdays.
AcyMailing is really the complete tool to succeed and manage its campaigns…

Simple, intuitive, easy handling but especially an exceptional and "human" support + very pushed features. I like particularly the management of the events which allows for example to send day articles in one automated step but also the management of the lists, statistics…

If you don't succeed with such a tool, it will be your fault, not the one of AcyMailing ;)
byShift101, December 2, 2012
My first experiment of SobiPro has nothing extraordinary … Within the project for the creation of a professional directory, I looked for the ideal extension. I then very fast heard about this component and others. After numerous readings of comments, asking some friends about it and many many tests, I moved forward with SobiPro who presented at this point of the project a big advantage to make me confortable to easily manage various directories on the same site.

I pass on the fact that the component answered all my expectations and much more, with features of which I hadn't thought at the beginning. Once the handling made, with the help from a really great and reactive support team I must confess : I Had great fun !

It's much later, for another completely different project and for which I didn't find the ideal extension that I asked to myself: but why not using SobiPro?
I thus realized an intranet documentation center with photos, documents, videos... with more than 8000 references.

I can assure you that it was a real pleasure to create multi-criteria searching systems very pushed allowing for example the download of photos on a given theme, for printing, respecting technical datas and with peculiar licenses…

But…. at this point, I realised that I had made a big mistake !!!
In French, the term “directory” has a strict meaning and I didn’t see its general sense…
SobiPro isn’t only a directory component as it strict French sense of the word, it's so much more than that !

Don’t make the same mistake (know I'm not the only one) to confine SP to a specific feature. This vision is for me very/too restrictive and I prefer thinking that SobiPro is a real CCK in the broad sense, offering a multitude of features and able to answer to very large number of various projects.

Today, with a bit more experience, I begin all my new projects with this question: how does SobiPro will help me because it will for sure...
And even much more with the new version to come...
byShift101, December 2, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Who doesn't know today Akeeba Backup?
Ignore it, is an enormous error and whatever the level of use of Joomla!
I use it for years now, and is a part of components which I install for any new project without asking me the question.
In fact: it is the FIRST component I install and execute before any the other action.
I don't understand how it's possible for not using it, this would be a madness!
Numerous very useful features, an intuitive use and a fast handling, an excellent support…
In brief, it is my N°1 !!!
byShift101, December 2, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
What to say that wasn't already said...
Perfect... Effective... Essential... Excellent Support...
Among the first 5 extensions to be installed before starting any new project (with Akeeba Backup of course...)