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byShinjitai, November 19, 2012
BibleGateway Verse of the Day
This module is a valued addition to sites I've set up where a daily verse is desired; since Bible Gateway has already taken up the task of selecting verses, this module cuts out the need to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

I'm starting to work on Joomla 3.0 just to get familiar with it, and wanted to also note for those tinkering with 3.0 (which this module is not officially supporting yet) you have to make two minor adjusts to a PHP file for it to work (at least in my case I had to).

In mod_bg_votd.php, line 7: Change .DS.'votd.php' to .'/votd.php'

In mod_bg_votd.php, line 14: Change getValue('config.offset' ); to entries[$offset];

At least it kept the module from breaking. I'll have to monitor if there are any lingering issues after that, but it pulled up today's VOTD.