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byShooter, November 12, 2013
I will start by saying that Hordur (the dev'per) has been extremely helpful in trying to fix an issue I am having with this component and trying to identify the problem. The component itself (and module) is SENSATIONAL! There is something special about a component that does what it is described as being able to do in a way that is simple yet powerful. I evaluated several reservation components for a single property application and was looking for a lot of flexibility in pricing and discounts... Icebooking was right on the money and provides everything I needed. Installation of the module and component worked first time and set up was simple and logical with great flexibility in pricing, discounts and specific day/date range pricing. The module is flexible too! There were no conflicts with other components and everything just worked "out of the box" - Thanks Hordur for a great component and modules I'm looking forward to the next release - If you haven't tried this component do! I have paid the reasonable price for support and registration and will use this component again in the future if the opportunity presents itself - Get on board! Cheers Shooter.
byShooter, October 31, 2013
Phoca Gallery Slideshow Noob
I'm not sure why I have bypassed Phoca components, modules and plugins; They all seem to be excellent and I will never ignore again!

This particular module is easily configured provides flexibility to display your Phoca Galleries and has sensible options for a module of it's style.

The module description is accurate and the Phoca website is full of useful content, active forums and great demo's of all their work.

As a Non-Commercial version of a module there is nothing left wanting.


First time experience with Phoca's suite of developments on my 2.5.14 joomla test site I rate them all highly.

They installed with no trouble at all and provided simple hints on how to activate. In particular I was impressed with the idea that you had the option to install or update components (I didn't try update only install but I assume it works as seamlessly as the modules)

I'm looking forward to integrating into my live sites along with the Gallery Component and other Phoca plugins.

Really impressed - Thanks so much for your contribution.
byShooter, April 3, 2013
JUBlog has provided some great functionality for my site. It is simple to use (if you follow the simple instructions) and does what it sais it will do. The support from the developers site was excellent and there was an update provided to fix a small issue I was having. The developers site is in Spanish I think and difficult to navigate if you don't speak that language BUT I posted in English and the response was in English so who can complain.

Thanks for a great simple yet functional component.