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bySimos, December 16, 2013
Product Builder for Virtuemart
The plugin is great, the support is perfect!
Thank you very much!
bySimos, December 16, 2013
Custom Fields For All
This was the first module I ve bought from this developer. After this... I ve bought all his extensions!
I can not imagine my web stores without this extensions! Thank you very much!!!!
bySimos, December 16, 2013
Custom Filters Pro
Its doing what its says, and better and eaasier than what I was thinking it can be!
Thank you very much for you great plugin, but more for your excellent support!
bySimos, October 4, 2013
I ve been bought this extension to use it in my new J 2.5 shop, but from my fault I did not notice that this plugin can not add to cart, sub products and the main product, with only one button "add to cart" as I need.
After my request the publisher made the fix for me, and now with this plugin you can add to cart, subproducts and the main product, with only one click!
Thank you very very much!!!
bySimos, January 12, 2012
I think is the best community,
the support is not the quickest,
may you can be better on this,
but if someone thinks the new versions,
its easy to understand tha the guys there are really working.
The price of it its looks like free.
Thank you very much Jomsocial!
bySimos, December 27, 2011
AutoFBook for K2
Its posting to fb every k2 article which Im publishing automaticaly.
Its simple and its working great!
The price is really low, but the support is excellent and ready to help me!
Thank you very much!
bySimos, December 16, 2011
I ve bought Jomwall and I realize that Jomwall is not integrated with Jomsocial.
The demo of Jomwall is showing a wall which is NOT jomsocial wall, but another wall.
Its a nice tool but you have to install it and make all the community based on jomwall, from the begining.
If someone has already a jomsocial community, its completely useless for him, except if someone wants to delete his community and build it from zero.
bySimos, December 11, 2011
I bought the Geommunity suite and I had some problems...
The same day the problems was fixed and everything now is working perfect!
The same fix has help me to fix and some other problems, to other plugins.
I am suggesting this component, and this support also 100%
Cloud to be your customer.
bySimos, November 12, 2011
Flexi Contact
I am using Flexi Contact for more than 3 years,
and I really love it.
I cant imagine my sites without it...
Every other I tested, was rejected in few minutes...
Pure code, easy to install, FULL customazible!
Really thank you!!!
bySimos, November 12, 2011
Marco's SQL Injection
Iam a site builder in Greece and have more tha 50 joomla sites online.
This plugin has save mu job and my money for many many times, has help me to found an attacker and go him to the judge... except saving my sites ofcourse!
I 10000% suggesting it with closed eyes!
Inform me when u will make a donation system on your site!
bySimos, June 6, 2011
SP Weather
I really like this module..
thats why Im making this post.
Everything is working fine except the images.
All images can not displayed.
I can not see anyhing on firefox, and some X of missing pictures on IE...
the image path is wrong.
Exactly the same problem apeers to your own demo site...
Owner's reply

Issue solved. Update the module.