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Reviews(8), July 4, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
After several years of use of Contact Enhanced, I can really say today that Douglas is a person who can claim to be involve in his work.
The best of it is that you can exchange with him easily to find some solution Really Fast.
He answer very quickly after each request.
A pleasure, a great person, a great component !, October 10, 2012
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VM2tags for Virtuemart
Very good extension, lightweight efficient, with separate component to create special menu ID if you want, or just put the same ID as your menu shop in the conf to get results embeded in your shop.

Support is really fast (I mean, just wait 3 days after my request to have the component added in the pack)

So just, get it!, September 24, 2012
GoogleBaseXML for Virtuemart
So much component tests before I found this one, and I use it since almost two years now, and it become better and better day by day.
All is conform to the require fields of google merchants recommendations, and you can tune as you wish with all the parameters.
For some others feeds I make the script myself, but for Google Merchant, this one is a MUST HAVE.
Thanks, April 4, 2012
Login Immediately
Ok this is probably the only one's really great for this stuff, because it can handle the activation link too.

Just be aware that this is a Subscription Commercial plan, you pay each 6 months. On the product page "with 6 months of updates and support" doesn't tell it as it should.
Owner's reply

Hi Sirius, thanks a lot for the review!

One thing to note, it *was* a subscription plan when you bought it, now that has been changed to a 'buy once' extension, just to be more clear about that., May 22, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
This is by far the best search component/module ever maid for joomla!

The big features are:
- the awesome style configuration
- pictures in results (thumbs generation and cached!)
- the use of joomla/component search plugins
- keyboard navigation
- and more...

And the important point is that the support is more than excellent ! (reply almost in instant)

Yes Offlajn Store is really Professional company.
Robust and efficient.
Go on, July 28, 2010
Emails for VirtueMart
As we know, the perfection can't exist in code.
But, this component almost reaches perfection..., May 13, 2010
Already tried almost all the others captcha plugins.
But this time, I found THE plugin !
I'm really impress by this plugin, it dose the job as the dev said.
Efficient, simple and really easy if you need to implement it on others forms.
A must have, March 10, 2010
AJAX Register
Really simple to use and efficient, what else to say, a must have !