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bySmelka, October 10, 2012
This extension is the best here. It has great features and options. You only have to download one file and install one file. It looks very professional. Really easy to configure and set it up. The only 3 problems I noticed are:

1. There are several grammatical errors and typos, etc. You need to edit language files to fix them. This is really easy to fix.

2. If you change the size of thumbnails for ads module, it somehow changes the sizes of all images, not by pixel but by percent, which is strange. Changing ad module's thumbnail shouldn't effect other images. This is not easy for us to fix, so developer should think about it.

3. If you edit css and language files, back them up first before update, it will overwrite your edited files and you have to do it again. Plus, when you update the extension, the new extension has more styles added in the css. So you have to add them manually to old css. And, I hope they do not changes style ID/Class names. If they stay the same, we could use our own css files, so updating will be easy. This CSS problem is also really easy.

Other than those 3 problems, it is a perfect extension! You will remember this review if you start using this extension.

Please make this great extension to be even more super fantastic and amazing!
bySmelka, July 12, 2012
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This is the best extension of all and it's free.

Although, it doesn't work right out of the box, you have to fix, tweak and adjust several things, inside and out, before you start using it. Since it's free there is no support. You are on your own on this.

The only problem is that if your ad is unpublished, you can't see them in "My Ads" page. Developers said they will fix or add this in the next version, 2.7. Hope the 2.7 will better than 2.6.
bySmelka, July 12, 2012
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PaidSystem for AdsManager
The extension is really good IF it worked properly. This extension has tons of bugs and problems. The slider module that comes with it has a problem with auto play feature and it's not fixed since January 2012. Support is terrible. You can't download a demo to see if it works on your site and then buy. You have to buy it and then discover the problems later. Plus support is bad. There are many language problems. Many php errors and problems, you have to fix, tweak and adjust them if you can. Sloppy and lazy programming. The biggest issue is the support. In short, if you use this extension, you are on your own, when facing problems.
Owner's reply


Sorry to learn that you have problem with paidsystem. You speak about the slider modules, since 2,3 months, the slider modules has been updated to jquery instead of mootools and this version no one has reported any issue.

Currently, if you check our ticket support system you will see that there is no "major blocking issue", did you try to contact us by email ?

There is no php error currently reported right now, so I don't understand what you needed to fix ? (Please note that if you are using a beta or RC version, bugs can be there, only stable version should be used in production right now, that's the normal process).

In any case, you could contact us again by mail to resolved your remaining issue or to gain your money back if you change your mind and you are no more using paidsystem