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bySmokey4life, November 29, 2012
Session Keeper
Works Great With joomla 2.5!

thanks this plugin is a must have especially since i have an arcade and sometimes users get logged out before they submit their score.

Really wish it had more layout features however.
Owner's reply

I left the CSS configuration open for customization for this very purpose.

bySmokey4life, November 19, 2012
Works Perfect With Joomla 2.5 I Have Yet To Find Anything Seriously Wrong With Jvarcade, however i really wish there was more community support for this project like with puarcade. Jvarcade is lacking so much like sending messages to jomsocial users when someone beats their highscore. Not to mention modules and whatnot, there is simply no modules or anything available to extend jvarcade other then the couple commercial ones in the JED
bySmokey4life, November 19, 2012
Browser Update Warning
Great Plugin Works Perfect For Joomla 2.5, i just wish it had to ability to suggest browsers for certain browsers.

For example, tell everyone to update outdated versions for chrome, firefox and safari but tell internet explorer users to use firefox that the site doesnt display correctly with internet explorer.
bySmokey4life, February 3, 2008
M2C-Module to Component
I must say, i absolutely LOVE this component! Couldnt be any easier to setup and use and its very functional. You can see some of the things i have been able to do with this com on my website however you have to be registered in order to view this since i have heavily moded a friends list module to work with this. With a little work and imagination you can do what you will with this component. Ill try to get a screenshot of what i have done with this com soon in order to save you guys from the frustration of registering.