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bySnoT, April 1, 2009
This module is perfect ! Indeed, Joomla doesn't offer the possibility to hide module to registered user and show this same module to non registered user !

With that module it's possible ! The backoffice in intuitive.

Really nice module, thanks a lot !
bySnoT, October 21, 2008
My Favorite Pages
Nice work ! The module works perfectly.

Note that you have to install Core Design Scriptegrator plugin to use the module. After installing both module and plugin, go to your plugin page and configure your plugin with JQuery Load to "Both", do the same for Highslide JS
bySnoT, September 30, 2008
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Ignite Gallery

Firstly i would like to say that your work on this component is amazing. Simply to use, nice and quick.

But i have just 1 suggestion. In my case i will not use this component because of this problem for me. I think it would be great if you add the possibility to choose more than 1 photo to upload. I know it would be hard because there is a description for every photo, but we would be able to write this one after uploading a lot of photo.

Really nice work by the way
bySnoT, September 17, 2008
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WOW! Really amazing ! This component is really good. It works really fine and it's perfectly what i wanted for my community (plug in for CB are just wonderful !).

It works really fine with Joomla 1.5 and CB 1.2.

I would say again : REALLY REALLY NICE !