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bySomavision, November 26, 2010
Like many others reviewing on this site, my install of virtuemart was not bug-free. I was able to get everything working with a custom template in about 12 hours, which in my book is not too bad considering how complicated the program is and what it does.

Luckily, since virtuemart has been out for a while all of the bugs were listed on their website forums. With a little seaching I was able to correct all my issues and even got paypal payments working.

I also wanted to add google checkout, but I had to buy another plug from a 3rd party because that payment method was not included.

Overall, I am very pleased with virtuemart. It does nearly everything that I needed a shopping cart software to do. Like all things, it might not be what everyone needs, but it was a good choice in my opinion.
bySomavision, November 26, 2010
OSE Google Wallet for VirtueMart
I had to use the manual install because the quick installer was not working. They had installation instructions clearly written on their webpage and even told you how to setup the google configs as well. Whole process took me about 10 mins.

Great plug, great support. Need more modules like this one!!!