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bySouthShoreMedia, April 24, 2014
SP Transfer
I had to upgrade a Joomla site from 1.7 to 3.2 for a client - not a straightforward task. Could only use the built-in Joomla upgrade process to get to 2.5, then it would crash when going to 3.2. Even with every last extension removed, it would still crash during the upgrade and I had no choice but to restore from a backup (thanks to Akeeba for saving my ass). Nothing seemed to work - manual upgrades, database transfers, new installs, nothing. I scoured the internet for almost two weeks with no answers. Finally I came across this extension. I didn't follow instructions (my bad), but when I messaged the author about it, they offered to get into the site and get it straightened out. Worked perfectly, and I can't recommend enough. Wish I would have found this first, and it would have been worth double the money to get me out of that jam. A+