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bySpadam, November 28, 2012
This extension has blown my mind. I have used another Contact form extension on a few different sites over the last year but tried this rather than waiting for a version compatible with Joomla v3.

Initially there is quite a lot to get your head around and less experienced users requiring just a simple form might find a different extension easier to get working. However, the flexibility and options available within Chronoforms is unrivalled... After a couple of hours I have a fairly large form doing exactly what I want and am confident that I will be able to customise it to satisfy my client's every whim.

Thanks for such a powerful extension - Will happily pay to use it!
bySpadam, June 16, 2012
Event Booking
Have been using this for about 10 months now on a website and have been really impressed with how easy it was to set up (I'm far from an expert Joomla user) and with the amount of options it provides.

Initial set up takes a while, mainly configuring the text of the messages and emails sent to users when they register.

Messaged the developer shortly after purchase to ask about a particular functionality... replied immediately to say it didn't currently exist but would be considered for a future version... about a month later received another message to say the new functionality had been added - Super!
bySpadam, July 5, 2011
mavik Thumbnails
I am pretty new to Joomla having only developed three sites with it to date. Felt I had to leave a review for this as it just works so well.

Couldn't be simpler to install and use and the visual effect is great too. Can't think of a negative.

Thank you for such a great extension!