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bySpider223365, February 6, 2014
Thanks to a great support team I have found this addition to my site to be invaluable. I now have folks from Germany ordering the River Guide Books directly from the site with no problems. I had a problem with an image translation that was solved using GTranslate support, and it was done efficiently and in a good timeline. I am fully supportive of this extension. Thanks Yana! Keep up the good work you're doing.
bySpider223365, January 19, 2014
What a great Component for a Joomla sites that requires information published on an easy to read level. This component goes to great lengths to proved an easy to implement calendar that is easy to use for the web visitors. It is beautifully integrated with J-categories. I love that you can display various options on the front end and the front end can be presented in different ways. I used it on a J-3 site and it works very well indeed. I give it an A+! Thanks JEvents developers.
bySpider223365, January 16, 2014
Diamond Showcase
This is a great little module and I am rating it as good... It is actually somewhere between good and excellent. I got the idea of using this from my son who used it on his business website. It looked and worked great. I decided that one client of mine would benefit from it too... so, I purchased the item from Pulse. I installed it on a website and it created a 'little' conflict with the 'mega menu'... I reported this and Pulse fixed within 12 hours of getting the report.
So, a good module with Great Support. I plan to use more of their offerings.
bySpider223365, November 20, 2013
I don't think I have seen a more versatile and friendly module in my six years of working with Joomla! The Zentools module is an awesome addition to the Joomla! web designers toolbox. I am not sure I could manage without it, or not sure if I want to manage without it! It can be used to created several cool module options to easily include in your website. The designer of this versatile tool, from Joomla Bamboo, is one of the most creative in the business. Zentools is easy to use and contains many super options for versatility including: slideshows, grids, carousels and accordions that make it a pleasure to use. Is this the only image rendering module tool you need? I think it might be. I give this a triple A+!
bySpider223365, June 22, 2013
Multi usergroup registration
I had a site that needed something beyond the default user registration provided in a Joomla! install. I needed the users to register into their chosen user group.
This plugin does it perfectly. I had a small issue that I reported to the developer, Jasper. This was fixed in no time flat! Great support. I can only summarize by saying this is a perfect addition to Joomla!
bySpider223365, February 21, 2012
I have used several plugins for this kind of result; but this was the most 'complete'. It is not easy at the start; but after trying a few times and referring to the documentation, I was well satisfied. I even bought support for $12 and got immediate responses to my questions. I fully recommend this plugin.
bySpider223365, November 15, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Since I have been using this module manager I don't quite know how I would manage without it! It provides a wonderful extension for configuring your modules in a 'macintosh-like' ease of use.
Lots of drop down options that are perfectly clear to the user.
Although this is a freebie, it is well worth the commercial 'fee' to remove the obligatory text. Even a donation would be well-received!
I can thoroughly recommend this module manager and; combined with #NoNumber it is a perfect combination.

bySpider223365, November 15, 2011
NoNumber Extension Manager
I can't believe how good this component is... It the epitome of convenience for Joomla! web persons. It allows for the update of several modules, plugins and components produced by the developer at the click of a mouse button.
It shows clearly when things need updating and allows you to 'install' directly from the component.
The extensions are really good and work flawlessly. Support is great too!

bySpider223365, November 12, 2011
SP Upgrade
This new component is one of the best I have ever come across in three years of using Joomla! It is so user friendly even for a guy like me with very little technical expertise. I quickly migrated a large 1.5 site to 1.7 and after contacted the developer for some advice. Response was very fast and my questions were answered thoroughly.

I must agree with one of the other posters about jUpgrade. I spent hours on trying this and it did not do the job. Admittedly my site was fairly old and may have had bug in it. The time I spent on various forums didn't resolve the issues. I strongly suggest using SP Upgrade for the very time you will save in this process.

The SP Upgrade component is just what I was looking for. Thanks to the developer for the product, the support and the reasonable cost to purchase it. Well done!

bySpider223365, January 25, 2011
Have been working with this component and its associated plug-ins and modules. I must say it really fits the bill for us. It is so easy to use and configure. There are many great features that become extremely helpful to the presentation of the various documents that we publish.
I thought I wouldn't be wanting to pay for many Joommla! items; but this was definitely worth it!

I give this DocMan tool a complete and unreserved recommendation.
bySpider223365, October 19, 2010
NS Pro
This is a great component and an absolutely great support from its developer, Chris Mavros! If you are looking for a fully functional newsletter subscription (or any other subscription tool) look no further.

The newest features are incredibly helpful. I am sold on this one!
bySpider223365, June 6, 2010
Although it took a few attempts to get the files (my fault entirely), I did get all the files uploaded to my site and began the process of using them. It was great to be able to follow along with the video instructions (although the German accent did prove challenging at times) and put together my first form. I really like the potential of this form producing program... I plan to use it on the many sites that I work on...