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bySpirited, April 13, 2011
RSSeo! Suite
I would give this extension an extra star if I could. Wow, did it improve my search engine ranking and I haven't even optimized half my pages yet. I went from not being able to find myself anywhere in any search engine to being on page five of the top three search engines!
This extension lets you individually write all the info for each page. When the extension pulled up my pages for the first time, it was no wonder why I was no where to be found in the search engines. Every page description was exactly the same. Joomla simply adds your main meta description to every page. The title pages were just as blah.
I am able to optimize EVERY page with this extension. It takes time to optimize every page but the effort is well worth it especially since I have an ecommerce site.
I had no issues with installation and no bugs as of yet. I also use their Firewall and it is top of the line as well. This company sells quality products. Thanks!
bySpirited, March 9, 2011
I wasted over a week of my life trying out several different shopping carts. All of them were buggy and technical support was nonexistent. At my wits end, I tried HikaShop. There are some minor bugs but the support is fantastic.
After only one day, I have a working shopping cart, ready to do business.
The cart does have a small learning curve but HikaShop went all out with documentation. From within the backend workflow, just click the help button and boom, you've got your answers! If you need further help, just go to their forums and you'll get an answer.
The display is nice and can be customized.
Thank you HikaShop!
bySpirited, February 14, 2011
Documents Seller
I'm selling ebooks and this has enabled me to create a nice looking display while being very functional. The buttons blend beautifully with the website instead of standing out like a sore. The design and colors of this extension should work well with just about any website design.

There are few different ways to set up the display which makes it easy for you to choose what suits your needs best. I truly think my customers will be pleased with their experience at my website thanks to this extension.

I like that I can send my customers to PayPal to pay and then they come back to me. I personally do not want to handle any credit information.

It was super easy to install and works wonderfully. There was a brief tutorial on the website which helped get me started. I haven't had any problems using it. I submitted a suggestion to the developer and the reply was very kind.

I can't say enough about this extension! It works!
bySpirited, February 13, 2011
Yireo SSL Redirection
This plugin helps me turn on ssl and turn off ssl. I had the same problem with ssl staying on...but this turns it off. It will also turn on pages were needed (though I haven't figured out how to make custom pages yet).