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bySpookie3000, November 27, 2012
How simple very useful plugins can be...
I was stumbling around inserting scripts into my page to try and equalize column heights of different div's on a row.
Got my own solution working, but of course not in Safari which my client uses...
Got frustrated, thought I couldn't be the only one with this problem, found this plugin and within 5 minutes solved the problem, much better than before and for multiple instances of css classes.
I can only say... thanks! Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Best way to appreciate the real value of this plugin is try to do it by yourself :)

Thank you very much for taking some time to wrote a review!

bySpookie3000, November 10, 2012
This extension is just great. I use it whenever a clients mention the word 'video'... It just works. The versatility in lay-out options and css styling could be better, but anything less than excellent would be unfair.
bySpookie3000, November 10, 2012
RSSeo! Suite
This software would get an excellent rating, if it weren't for the price tag.
I don't agree with the previous reviewer. It does SEO, and it does it well. But it does assume you have some understanding about basic SEO (the way keywords, descriptions etc work). Better yet, it gives you a real quick glance of all your pages and exactly which page is optimized to which level, including which actions should be taken to improve the page in the details, and easy redirects for duplicate content. Great stuff!
However, the price is too high. The basic SEO features are great, but to justify this price it would have to be a whole lot more sophisticated. I would seriously encourage the developers to try a low-priced high volume approach, or a non-commercial basic and commercial expanded version.
Might buy it again if I get more serious clients.
bySpookie3000, November 10, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I would encourage anyone to get this. It's easy, great and in combination with kickstarter an amazingly usefull package.
bySpookie3000, November 10, 2012
I decided to give back to some developers by giving them credits for their work which makes my life so much easier. The first is obviously Jnews, for having supplied me with a great newsletter solution for many years now! Thanks people, keep up this great work!
This extension works, sends great newsletters, is easy to explain to users, is versatile and can be expanded as far as you need, should the need arise. But even the free version will do in many cases!