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bySpringDay, January 14, 2011
Ebay seller
Works as advertised but missing a very needed feature, RANDOM LISTINGS! I have over 1000 items in my ebay store but the same listings display every time. Kinda missing the point of exposure.

Also, a "Display All" with pagination set by the admin at a preferred number of listings displayed would be nice.

Thanks for the module!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment and suggestion.
Items are limited to 100 by eBay, so we'll implement asap a random on selected display option.

bySpringDay, January 25, 2009
Brilliantly genius in its simplicity. Perfect if you have very, very few items to sell. Just a bit more back end coding and I would use it. Suggestions:
1. Put a header panel in your backend admin for easier navigation (like most components have).
2. Make adding the product a one screen operation. ie. add article creation and image upload to the product admin screen. Currently you must go to SimpleCaddy admin and create product with name and item id. Then go to Section and Category admin and create some for the product if they do not already exist. Upload images to your article image directory. Then go write an article placing the SimpleCaddy plugin code referencing what you did in step one... It takes a LONG TIME to set up each product.
bySpringDay, January 14, 2009
Phoca Gallery
Cute little component but with no pagination and a clumsy upload procedure it is not practical for large galleries.
Owner's reply


- there is a pagination (since the first version of Phoca Gallery)
- Upload procedure - standard upload in Multiple Add View, flash upload in Multiple Add View, standard upload in Add View, flash upload in Add View, Java upload will be implemented in next version. Upload works in frontend and in administration...

There is a special way how to quickly create your L A R G E gallery. Just create a folder structure on your PC (folders, subfolders, images), then upload this structure into your server (e.g. via FTP). Go to Multiple Add and with just one click, Phoca Gallery creates categories (from folders), subcategories (from subfolders without any limit) and thumbnails... Thousands of images in e.g. hundreds categories and subcategories per one click ... :-)

bySpringDay, January 14, 2009
Not 1.5 native and you have to pay 50 Euros for very basic PayPal integration. Finally, the "JOOMPROD.COM" water mark on uploaded images is annoying and unprofessional. Should have automatic general category population function. Download should be marked COMMERCIAL up front. Disappointed.
Owner's reply

There is no watermark. "" on pictures is a basic text example set in the configuration, you can change the text by your own or remove text in configuration panel.
All features are present for free except payment. You have the possibility to write your own payment system for free.