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Stanley Tweedle

byStanley Tweedle, April 9, 2013
SEO Glossary
On my 1.5 site, I used a glossary component for several years and was mostly satisfied. When I began developing a replacement 2.5 site, the previous component was not available for 2.5 for a very long time, and then when it finally arrived, it was a disaster when I installed it. I searched for a replacement and found SEO Glossary.

The extension does exactly what I need for my site with thousands of definitions. When I had a problem and asked for support, they sent in the army! Their support is fast and result-oriented! A second small problem, needing a little CSS help, was taken just as seriously and fixed right away. I could not recommend this extension and developer more highly. I know that if I need support, it will be there faster than I can respond, and the extension is superior. Thanks to for SEO Glossary.
byStanley Tweedle, July 29, 2010
Add Custom HTML button
This plugin is about the most handy thing I have added to my Joomla installs in a while. It is very useful to place some code I add to every article, now with the press of a button. Many thanks for this great plugin.
byStanley Tweedle, June 29, 2010
It really is as good as everyone says. It is hard for me to think about Joomla now without MetaMod Pro installed. Support is everything you could ever ask for and much more. Thanks Stephen.
I had filed ReReplacer in the back of my mind for a time when I needed it - then was at my wits end for a couple of weeks until I remembered. Fixed my "little problem" in about two minutes.

If there is no other way, ReReplacer is the ultimate way to get rid of generated code that is making your life miserable. Don't make the mistake I did. Download and install it today, for when you need tomorrow.

Thank you, Peter!
byStanley Tweedle, October 12, 2009
Editor Switcher
Not every extension has to be gigantic to make a gigantic difference. This plugin does just that; I switch back and forth between two editors everyday as each has functionality the other lacks. Now, I just choose from a drop-down box while editing and article, and I am into the other editor! In the course of a week, this saves me time, the one resource I have very little of. Thanks so much for this time saving plugin.