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byStarDevComp, February 2, 2013
Art Timeline
tried it time ago for another project with not much success. tried it again last week for a new customer project and is always at the same point of development. quite outdated as features, agree with others complaint, it was ok 3 years ago but nowadays there are more innovative timelines!
Owner's reply

Please let us know what features are missing for you and we will implement them.

Currently Art Timeline has features that other timelines for Joomla! do not have: event categories, multiple bands, mobile devices support, and dozens of others.

byStarDevComp, February 2, 2013
like other components in this categories... it is really unstable and full of bugs. asked few times for support but they are probably busy with something else instead of answering me. could be a great component but there are really few important features missing. not to speak of the caotic html-css structure. more work needed on it
Owner's reply

I'm sorry, but you've added a review to the wrong extension, but not about iCagenda.

I have no message nor topic in the support forum with no answer, and check this everyday with help of other volunteers moderators.

I see no posts with no answer on the forum of iCagenda :

Thank you kindly update your review!

byStarDevComp, February 2, 2013
first time i installed it my entire website went down. lucky me i had it backed up. asked for support to avoid further fatalities but nobody answered me in reasonable time. waste of time for me. i switched to more reliable solution
Owner's reply

This is really rubbish review which was given by this user. Its totally fake review. You can see, this user has already been given many fake reviews to all the events component on the same day. How this could be possible? So please ignore this review. One more thing we have no message or FORUM support.


byStarDevComp, February 2, 2013
quite powerful extension, a little bit difficult to use at the beginning, but i was then able to find my way out.