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byStarfi, August 5, 2013
In just a few minutes this extension saved me having to do at least 40 hours of tedious repetitive work I was so avoiding facing up to and had been putting off to the last because it was mind numbingly boring data entry. Although $25 USD is more than what I expect when you cant bring yourself to do the work then you pay the price. For me I read the entire documentation before purchase so I felt I had a clear idea of the programs limitations and efficencies. However I still found I needed help and had to resort to the live help. After an intitial tussle over exactly where the boundaries of expectation lay I received truly excellent service. The live help sorted out my troubles and assisted me all the way through to completion of my task I set out to acheive. Saving me days and days of work all in a few minutes. When you get help like that you are glad to write a review for them. Anyone considering this extension should read the documentation first to grasp a clear understanding of its limitations and capabilities. What it did for me would have cost me at least a weeks wage to pay some one else to do the data entry coa I sure couldnt face up to it. This extension combined with the live help is highly recommended.