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We recently purchased Open Source Excellence's "Open Source Joomla Membership Control 2.3" and I can honestly report this product, and Dr. Helix's (OSE developer) outstanding support, was a great choice. Please know this is not a "seed" review - we were unhappy (very) with our original configuration of AEC with JACL-Plus and so we thoroughly researched the alternatives. We settled on Open Source Joomla Membership Control 2.3 with VirtueMart 1.1.3, and we are absolutely thrilled with the migration results.

We sell 30-day subscriptions to access our online trades-licensing exam prep courses in the US, and this solution is perfect for us. If you are planning on building an ecommerce site -- any type of ecommerce site were you will be shipping products, selling downloads, and most notably selling subscriptions were you need to control access to your online content, then look no further. Open Source Joomla Membership Control is your solution. The product AND the support are outstanding.