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byStatus101, October 11, 2012
So, I have not gotten a long way into using Fields Attach but I am already more impressed than I have been with any other CCK I have used ( k2, Flexi, Sobi ), and with just what I have seen so far I am impressed enough to give a 5 star review.

Compared to other CCKs, it’s more intuitive, runs off standard articles / DB and .. and well.. it just works!

I am still using K2 for certain things as I know it well, I like it, and for certain jobs it is very hard to beat, but Fields attach (along with learning how to do article and category output overrides through the menu item selection) means it is just as / if not more powerful than others, opens up huge possibilities and frankly it is actually easier to achieve more complex results - plus I believe more extendable in the long run.

I will say you may need some PHP knowledge to get the most out of the product but if you REALLY use other CCKs, you need it anyway.

Fields Attach deserves a lot more attention. Great work, and I look forward to the future of this tool.
byStatus101, September 10, 2010
5 Stars all round. This is a great extension and should be used my more people. I had to get through a lot of others before I got down the list this this.

It is simple.. It works ( even on an IIS server).. CSS is easily modified.. and has all the features that you ( well.. I ) could want.

Was able to create a great 'wall' gallery with the addition of some opacity css and the client loves it.

The only comments I would make are 1) It could use some english docs (sorry, but the google translate isnt great) and 2) if you use the on site translater, you cant downlod (oops) because of the http://translate links.

Thank you so much for this! Keep up the great work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your hints and the review!