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Steve Hards

bySteve Hards, September 21, 2010
Nice Article Tweets
I used an earlier version of Nice Article Tweets and it was very good. The new version takes it to a new level altogether, enabling you to choose when you want to post the tweet (which may not be when you post the Joomla article). The set-up is a bit of a pain, which is entirely due to Twitter's API and NOT this extension, but if you follow the authors' step-by-step instructions exactly, you will get there.
bySteve Hards, January 31, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
This is extremely convenient and flexible. With a choice of icons and module placements visitors only have to click to open up their chosen bookmarking site in another window. I'm going to add it to all my sites!
bySteve Hards, December 14, 2008
mavik Thumbnails
At last! After hours of trying different gallery plugins, I found that mavik Thumbnails is a nice simple plugin that simply does what I simply want to do - throw up a larger image in a lightbox if I have resized it. Brilliant!

With it enabled you add your picture to your content normally, resize it from the original, change the default alt text (usually picked up from the file name) to what you want the viewer to read when they click on the picture, and save.

Set and forget! Easy! Thanks!