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Steve Wyant

bySteve Wyant, August 15, 2012
I used to use Anything Slider because it was the only one I found that preserved all of the article formatting. Most (all others?) want to force your article content to fit a pre-built format, and strips out most all of the html in your articles. But Anything Slider does not support Joomla 2.5. Thankfully slideShow now fills that gap.

As a designer, I prefer to format my display articles myself. I want my module to provide only the core functionality (sliding, fading, category selection, etc.). This module does it (mostly).

I say mostly only because it does add some CSS styling to the container and typography, but that is easily removed by adding a module class suffix, and adding specificity to the modules preset classes in my template's CSS (so it's not over-ridden if updating the module). The important thing is it does not remove any tags I've added to the article content.

My only recommendation to the author would be to remove the CSS that affects the content (not the navigation), and add a sort option of "Random". Other than that, it beats all the other article sliders hands down.
bySteve Wyant, October 14, 2011
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I was attracted to this by it's simplicity. I was looking for a comment system that was basic, clean, easy to set up, and easy for visitors to use. I was surprised and disappointed by exactly how simple it is.

This is about as bare bones as a component and plugin can get. While it worked once installed (unzip download, install component and plugin as usual), I went to the plugin to enable it and found not a single configuration option.

I then went to the component, and again, not a single configuration option. I've tried a few commenting systems before, and I assumed at least the basic options could be set, like which categories to include or exclude, set email notifications of new comments waiting for approval, or what types of input (html, links, images, none, etc.) should be available in the comment field.

Nope, nothing to set.

So, every article on your site can be commented on (and apparently, forever), and you'll have to keep checking in to the component to see if a new comment has been posted.

The only real pluses are, it has a built in captcha (extremely readable, so not sure of it's effectiveness), and the css appears to be very well structured, so adjusting the design should be a snap for css tinkerers. The out of the box design was pleasing to by itself.

This may eventually be a good component, but right now it just lacks too many basic features to make it useable on anything other than a test site.