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bySteve1974, January 30, 2011
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Community Builder
Well its only got 3 stars because its to complicated to set up. However its the best one on the non-commercial market. So if your after a free one then its one to get.

I installed this on a joomla 1.6 site and it istalls nice and easy. The disapointing part is the setting up. After 4 hours and lots of coffee I finally got the site the way I wanted it to be.

The best part of this extention is the add-ons for it. I was amazed at how many there actually is. Which makes it the best one to get.
bySteve1974, January 30, 2011
Very Simple Image Gallery
I think my review title says it all. I have been using this extention for quite a while. The developer is always on the ball with updates and the documentation is perfect.

Pros: Simple to use, easy to install, easy to customise. Joomla 1.6 compatiable.

Cons: erm.... there isn't any.

This should have been called "The simplest and easiest image gallery you will ever use". But that would have been a bit long. If the developer was to charge for this extention I would still use it! Its is outstanding. Its a must for any site that wants a photo gallery.
bySteve1974, January 26, 2011
Well its a good thing that the support forum is very much alive and active. I have yet to find anyone who has managed to install this extention without having any issues.

So, the good points. Its outstanding once working. It does everything you need plus more! good level of support.

Bad points. Its not the easiest of extentions to configure and get working. Installer does not work so a manual install was done (not easy).

Conclusion. Only for the experianced of joomla admins to set up. I would (and do) use this but only if my client requires its features.
bySteve1974, January 25, 2011
Simple caddy is what it says "A Simple Caddy". So its not full of features but like me there are many people out the who only need a simple shopping cart system. This component works and works well. It does its job.

Why did I write this review? well simply because it needs to be reviewed for what its designed for and not what you wanted (like some of the reviews!). The devleoper designed this to be simple and simple it is.

5 stars for this extention as it exactly what the developer says it is and does what it says it should. Bug free? well you tell me a component that has none! but at least you get support via the forum when needed.

Keep it up! good work.