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bySteveJJ, January 31, 2013
This editor almost does it all for me and is the only one out of 5 or 6 that I have tried that works for what I am doing. I am currently building an MS Word documentation repository and need to paste documents (have to convert to HTM first) this is the only editor that retains full layout.

I have to include download links to the original MS Word documentation and this is the only problem I have so far.

1. I like the file browser when linking my document to a download button image but Insert does not work by just clicking on "Inset" at the bottom of the window, first "Insert" to the right has to be clicked and then the bottom one. Took me a while to figure this out when link was not put in.

2. Would love to see a custom text Button include like those I have seen in other Editors.

Since these are both minor problems and this is by far the best editor AND free I can not fault it.

Excellent product.
bySteveJJ, January 29, 2013
JCK Editor
Working with Joomla 2.5, IE8 and Chrome.

I had installation problem which I thought may have been related to the latest release. No point in publishing a review until investigating my issues. Reported this in JCK Editor forum and got an instant response with details how to resolve my problem leading to a perfect installation.

Easy to recommend this product, it is doing what it should be, working as well as the best editors I have used and has wonderful product support. Looking forward to exploring the full potential of JCK Suite.
Owner's reply

Hi Steve, we are delighted that we could help. (O:b