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bySteveTVD, May 12, 2013
Seriously, I've never been able to setup any module so easily.

This menu allowed me to achieve almost the exact look was was hoping for on the very first try. After a few tweaks, it's perfect.

The result is a menu that fits the needs of the site exactly as I envisioned it. I can't believe it was this easy.

Well done!
bySteveTVD, February 9, 2013
So simple. Installed as any plugin. Configured in under 1 minute. Has enough parameters to make most anyone happy. Want a custom button? Make one, upload it to the directory (location show in config window), change the CSS right in the config window and you're all set.
bySteveTVD, February 20, 2012
Sigplus is described as "simple" and it is. But don't let that suggest is isn't full featured. This plugin/module is so simple to setup. The back end parameters are clearly documented via tooltips that make sense.

As I set it up for the first time I found a couple things lacking. I checked into the documentation, which is extensive and easy to understand, and found that additional "advanced" parameters are available and can be easily added to the placement code used in your articles.

I'm very please with the ability to fine tune just about everything including function and visual look. The documentation is about the best I've found. Hard to believe it's free.
bySteveTVD, February 19, 2012
ARI Image Slider
I've used serveral ARI modules and each one preforms very well, is easy to set up and looks great.

ARI Image Slider is very easy to use and customize to your liking. I've never had any issues with conflicts. It has all the features I could need.

I'm now moving from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and happy to see that ARI is upgrading their extensions to keep up with Joomla. I'd hate to do without some of them. Sure there are others out there but these suite my aesthetics and work great.
bySteveTVD, February 17, 2012
NoNumber Extension Manager
I've used all of the NoNumber extensions and am impressed with each and every one of them. I consider this suite to be some of the best written, bug free, easy to setup and well supported extensions I've come across. Everything is so convenient to use and upgrade.

This manager brings it all together. It's not required for the use of the other extensions but why not? It makes things even better.