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Steven P

bySteven P, May 6, 2014
Breaks my layout by displaying nothing at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I'm working with protostar template.

The only way I can make a post on joomla Extensions is by giving it a 4 star rating, so Yay!!! Great job!!
Owner's reply

That's funny but really we'd rather try to actually help you with the problem. Please open a post on our forum...

bySteven P, September 2, 2013
ARI Image Slider
Installed, enabled, published to the correct position, gave path to images, and nothing.

A request for help on his forum basically answered with RTFM and referred the noob to the mod description page. Yeah, not going there.
Owner's reply

We are always ready to help the users of our products. Our forum is a public and anyone can see, we help to resolve all users requests in a short period of time.

If you have a problem with the extension, just describe the problem on our forum or by email and we will help to resolve it.

PS: Obviously we can investigate a problem and help if a support request contains description of the problem. Not only messages like "Nothing work" without any explanation what exactly doesn't work.

bySteven P, September 2, 2013
Code 7 Responsive Slider
Uploaded and installed, activated and published to a position, selected two images and captioned them .... and nothing.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

sorry you couldn't get the slider to work.

We have a support forum at where people will be willing to help with any issues you may have.

Sounds to me from the description you might have had a jQuery conflict which is easily remedied.

bySteven P, August 28, 2013
Smooth MenuMatic
No idea how to use this. No documentation, and the screenshots on the download page are indecipherable at any size.
Owner's reply

Every field in the administrator back end has hover-text fully explaining what it does. Additionally, there are full installation and configuration instructions on the CONFIGURATION tab on the download page. Did you ask for support by posting a comment or by contacting me directly via the contact form? Many questions have been answered already in the comments on the download page. Given all this and the fact that Smooth MenuMatic is free, I feel that your review is rather harsh and unfair. I'm sorry if that does not meet your expectations.

Simple Email Form
Home run. It works and is documented. Does what it says on the box, and does it right out of the box.

Nicely done.
bySteven P, August 23, 2013
One of the few things I've sample this week that work, this is a home run. Easily able to add my standard PHP code for mail(), and is much, MUCH appreciated.

Thank you,2glux. I only wish I could vote twice.