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byStyleware, January 30, 2013
Thank you Daniel for sharing this useful tool!

It's work really well and will save us hours for every extension that we upload in JED.

Thank you, again!
byStyleware, March 15, 2012
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Migrating from another system in Joomla! could be an endless nightmare. Well, not with this extension, you will save a lot of time and efforts.

It automatically transfers all the data from WordPress to Joomla! and does it in impressive way. When the extension was initially released, it only supported the com_content option, but the developer has the willingness to improve it and it now supports migration to k2, including tags.

There might be few things to polish after the migration (i.e. images), but generally this will save you dozens of hours and even more, if you have bigger site.

Great one and keep the good way.
byStyleware, March 7, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
From where to start? We have tried almost all possibilities with Joomla! Two years ago we ended up with VirtueMart for selling digital goods. It was really far from perfect, but there was nothing better or close to better.

We are currently testing and evaluating the Akeeba Subs extension for our site upgrade and we consider it as the best option so far. Don't be tricked - it's not an easy extension. Well, not really hard one, but definitively not easy. If you are used to setup something with click here and there, you might get lost. However, if you really want to build a web site, that offers subscriptions and you can't manage with Akeeba Subs, the problem is within you. I mean that you probably simply don't know what you are doing.

The real pros of this extension is its great flexibility, enormous power and endless integration with the most popular extensions out there. In combination with Akeeba Release System, it is incredible tool to sell subscriptions, download access and so on.

There are cons, which can be ignored, but be prepared anyway. Nikolas is far from being good designer, so the UI may look a bit blurry. Anyway, he has coded the interface in the proper way, so any designer could just overwrite the CSS. If our final decision is to go with Akeeba Subs for our new website version, we will donate the extension design for our own web site to Akeeba Subs.
What can I say about K2, it is like reinventing the wheel. It offers everything the core Joomla! doesn't - comments, tags, predefined functionality for videos, galleries, main picture. It's plugin and templating system is incredible and allows very flexible solutions.
You can build amazing things with K2 with lesser time than with the core content extension.

Is there more to want? Well, sure, but still K2 is far ahead in the combination of power and simplicity of use.

What I would love to see? - IP of commenters, blocking/banning commenters by IP, E-mail. Maybe a non-intrusive anti-spam solution like Akismet or Mollom would be great. Of course there are other things to like (a bit improved picture management - auto-crop or so), but still believe me K2 is far far ahead.
byStyleware, January 1, 2012
This one is killer extension that works out of the box. If you ever have issues, believe me it will be solved by Alex.

If you are looking for Facebook Integration, just don't look further.
byStyleware, November 30, 2011
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We have a client that uses sh404 due to legacy reasons. Honestly, after each new version they release, we need to spend hours to see what it broke again.

Their latest version for whatever reason loads the Facebook SDK by default, which broke FB Connect, Like Buttons and Box. We spent 3 hours to realize what was breaking it all (as we were upgrading other extensions as well).

These guys need to seriously sit down and decide what they are doing - if it's SEO extension, keep it SEO, if it is for Social Media, release it separately and stop breaking other people's stuff.

I am sorry, but there are other extensions doing Social stuff, yours is breaking them by default. Most people don't need analytics and tons of other useless stuff that's in and slows down the site.

sh404sef is absolute nightmare for site administrators and developers and I highly recommend you to not start with it at all.
Owner's reply

Hi Styleware,

Sorry upgrading to current version "broke" FB connect, it is certainly worth commenting on that.

Let me first clarify one major point you raise: Yes, sh404SEF is totally an SEO extension. If you haven't yet realized that social networks interaction has become an integral part of SEO, I'm sure you will soon. Google and Bing have both published documents on this.
This is why social features have been integrated into sh404SEF, and more will come.
An integrated solution can provides unique features, like hooking up social interactions on your site with Analytics and provide a single SEO dashboard right inside your website backend. Without any hard work from the user.
BTW, Analytics is also an integral part of SEO, and each and every website needs it.

Now, of course, we won't force you to use our solutions, and that's why you can disable with a simple click each of those features.

Lastly, none of those features (Analytics, social icons, etc) will slow down you site, they are performed by Google, FB, Twitter, and actiavated by javascript loaded asynchronously, precisely to avoid any slow down of the page load


byStyleware, October 16, 2011
The latest version of Kunena is simply terrible in terms of SEO (urls, titles etc.). After testing it a lot, it turned out to be complete waste of time to use in future, because:
- urls are always generated incorrectly (component/kunena). It simply doesn't have proper routing.
- The index page (in our case recent posts) has a nightmare title, which cannot be changed through the standard Joomla! menu manager.

If you are looking for a good forum, skip that one.