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bySuccesSite, June 4, 2012
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Web Fonts
This is truly brilliant component. Makes my life easier. It even allows you to add font not only for special selectors, but for class also. Very useful for editing existing template. Nice way to customize a template.
Installation and using is piece of cake thanks to youtube video.

Mr. Developer - You made my day. Thank you very much!!
Owner's reply

Thank-you for your review! Thank-you also to the other folks here who took the time to submit a review. The more used and reviewed this extension is, the better its chances of being expanded to other services. - John

bySuccesSite, May 17, 2012
SEO Boss
But still i am in this category.

I have problem with it functionality.
Category filter, and search fitler are broken, they do exactly nothing when i use it with K2 on my site. It means, to edit meta tags in single article, i am forced to go trough 6 pages of articles and looking for them.
It could be great, but since there is this problem, i am going to remove it. I can find articles WAY faster with normal k2 items, since i can just search it there.
This component also see no difference between published/unpublished content, so i spend most of the time looking for article i want to change meta tags for.
Owner's reply

Hello SuccessSite,

Thanks for your feedback.
The K2 filtering feature is fixed in SEO Boss K2 plugin version 1.1. You can download it from SEO Boss Integration page. Also you can post any suggestions and requests for new features at our forum.

Best regards,
SEO Boss Team

bySuccesSite, May 17, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
You made my life way easier now, since i have a lot of content on my site, and there will be even more.

The quick search is very practically and easy to use.
I also like the way it shows you modules assignment.
Its ajax based i think, so there is no need to reload every page, but just click on the menu list and modules will pop up.
I can imagine only one thing for this to be better, when it cover some basic seo feauters, like title, description, keywords, and robots settings. That would be awesome. Anyway, great job.