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bySueBardak, November 30, 2012
My Web Site appears to all be working now. I have created
a strange mixture of Joomla! articles with HikaShop embedded and the HikaShop by

This reflects my first time efforts at a Joomla! web site with HikaShop
coming along later. If I was to start over, I would do all my store in
HikaShop but somehow I did not wake up to the availability of HikaShop
templates until a few days ago. They made all the difference.

I am really impressed with HikaShop. It functions very well. It is a solid
piece of software. It is hard to learn if you have never created a web site
before and only have limited HTML and no PHP knowledge.

I am immensely grateful for the help and quick response to my queries. The support effort of the HikaShop Team
made it all possible.