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bySully, April 13, 2012
This was simplicity itself to install. I appreciate that you are offering the choice to have the icon pack uploaded separately by FTP. That also affords an easy workflow to review and substitute a custom icon set if that's needed.

The controls in the modal window are easy and intuitive and it took no time to train my client on how to use them (except for Google Charts, which is because Google Charts are inherently more complicated and not JoomDalf's fault). I think my client will find this really empowering and add more interactive, engaging content as a result.

A feature I hope you'll be able to add to the Google Map option is the ability to use Get Directions.

Great work! Thanks for making us look good!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the nice words and praises.

We are working on a new version in which we will give more of Google Maps as well as two new features which are icons library to add remove icons and se them on page to have idea about what you have and other feature is CSS editor to make all elements like tabs and accordions etc match the template you use.

bySully, December 24, 2010
Maian Media
We have just launched a site for a Grammy-nominated artist which uses this terrific component. This extension offers recording artists real artistic freedom: the ability to charge what they want for their work, to give some of it away if they like, and to do it quickly without waiting for third party approvals to be listed for sales. Got a song? Write it, record it, sell it all on the same day. And oh yeah, a multi-billion dollar corporation like Apple doesn't take a huge commission out of a starving artist's sale when Maian Media is used.

I hope that as the developer continues to refine this extension that some code clean-up is performed and that true MVC architecture is implemented to allow for template overrides, but having seen the active development and generous support program in action, I have every confidence that will happen. This is a great component that is only getting better.
bySully, March 18, 2007
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I love it when stuff just works, and this does. It's an excellent feature set and should really be included in Joomla core.

I have two suggested improvements. First, it would be great if tab fixed height was configurable in the Administrator backend. Second, it would have saved me a little confusion and time if the documentation had suggested adding "ul.tabbernav, ul.tabbernav li {background: none;}" to template css if list items otherwise feature custom bullets. Other than that, no complaints. Awesome plugin and thank you for sharing it with the community!