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bySulpher, October 13, 2010
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It's nice little extension which expand standard pagination view and make it much dynamic. I guess it's a good addition to portal-like website using modern web technologies. So, the plugin is not must have (since being a decorative element), but it makes page more attractive. Thanks to the developer.
Current version is based on jquery framework. Would be nice to see Mootools based version too.
bySulpher, October 8, 2009
I think it's really irreplaceable extension, a must have for studio website. Good luck to author!
bySulpher, October 6, 2009
Well, respect to Serge aka smart - the component developer and team leader for the greatest work he made and for the contribution to comments system line. :)
We have been awaiting this release and as for my opinion, JComments is the best comment extension for Joomla due to its flexible settings, suitable UI and usability. Moreover, its code is very clean and maximally optimized - very awesome plus.
Just been installed and tested new version - JComments goes onwards and from the other hand it's absolutely free (GNU/GPL).
JComments can be easily integrated to other components (there is a huge list of supported extensions) and your website can use one comment system. Also it's possible to import comments from other components to JComments.

JComments can work both on Joomla 1.0/1.5, so I would advice anybody to take a look at this extension, since it will enhance your social related website immensely! This is must have!