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bySunburst, October 11, 2014
CDN for Joomla!
Installed very easily and I used MaxCDN. It was up and running in 10 minutes and page load time was about halved. Thank you so much :-)
bySunburst, October 2, 2014
iJoomla Surveys
The product is buggy fx. creating duplicate user responses.

The product is discontinued (please ask the dev yourself) and should be removed from the Joomla Extension site.

I wasted 3 hours setting it all up and launching a survey where many user responses were duplicated or information was missing even from mandatory fields.

The system is buggy and I should have read the other reports before installing it. "Free" sometimes comes with a cost.
bySunburst, September 22, 2014
JInsta Photo Gallery
Bought it and installed it but hit a an PHP error on displaying of the module. The module is not working on my client's site. And it not a beginner's error. I am a fulltime PHP / Joomla programmer myself.

2 monthes waiting for support - and still waiting (have re-sent and re-sendt emails to Nasir).

Asked for a refund (still no answer).

Kind regards,
Jens Kirk
bySunburst, July 25, 2014
Fancy TagCloud
Simple the best Tag Cloud module I have tried.

I just needed to turn JQuery off in the module and it was working :-)

I could not figure out how to use a background image as shown in the demo.

It made 404 errors can clicking tags with Danish letters - I have reported this to the devs :-)

Thank you for a very fine module :-)
bySunburst, December 27, 2012
I have been using other project management systems for Joomla for some years but in all cases I stopped using them because they were not minded for a freelance web developer business like mine and they were often to complex. So for some years I have been using some other / off-site software for handling the hours spent on my clients’ projects.

I wanted to use a Joomla component so my clients could log in and see the hours spent (under implementation in TrackTime as I understand it) or get a manually created e-mail (with a PDF) about it. Hopefully this can be done automatically in the future to save lots of hours (when you have many projects and clients). TrackTime could also benefit a lot if it too had management of employees and their way of submitting their hours spent on the different client projects (from the frontend – quick and easy).

TrackTime has most of what I need. The support is very fast and the developer Davide seems to be very dedicated to his work. I love being a part of great Joomla components – helping with ideas, suggestions, bug fixing (I am a programmer) and so on.

In essence: TrackTime Free is great but TrackTime Pro is the best project management system I have used for Joomla. I have spent way too many hours on project management systems that did not do the job.

I see the option to connect TrackTime’s invoicing part with my accounting system (e-conomic – web-based with an open API) and having the invoicing and bookkeeping (for the client projects) done semi-automatically.

If TrackTime in the future would manage to improve the invoicing part to including the cost (billing) for the client’s web hotel and other ongoing client services I would have a complete solution in one great component.

Thank you for a very fine component - I just knew it when I finally found it :-)
bySunburst, August 28, 2011
GK Weather
I like it but I experienced that my site got a loooooong load time and a nasty PHP XML error because the weather service was down for some hours. I got my site up and running normal again when I disabled the weather module (using Joomla 1.5 and GK1 v.1.2). So kind of weather online service check is needed in order to use it fully on a professional site :-) So for now I have disabled it, but I loved it before I knew about the missing weather service online check.
bySunburst, August 15, 2011
The component is very easy to install and use.
And László, the developer, is doing a very fine job. I reported some bugs and he quickly fixed them and created some improvements too.

I use it as a tarot system and it really rocks! :-)

Thank you László! :-)
bySunburst, November 5, 2010
The more I use MageBridge the more I like it :-)

Now I love it :-) It was a bit complex to start with, but now I see all the great opportunities that MageBridge offers.

Jisse, the developer, is a fantastic supporter and MageBridge is really a good product.

The only bad thing to say is that they have chosen not to support windows servers. It works fine on my dedicated windows server with only one little problem and that's the Update function on the Magento side - it does not work (but that is properly a general Update problem on Magento installation). So MageBridge has to be updated manually, which is also really quick. On the Joomla side the update works great.

I am so glad that I took over a project that used MageBridge, so I could learn how to use it. Now more clients want to same solution on their sites :-)
bySunburst, October 30, 2010
MP3 Browser
The MP3 browser is excellent in overall :-)

The download link opens the files in a new window, which is not good. There is no option to choose the download files to open in this or a new window, so I hacked the MP3 browser a bit so it did not open in a new window.

If you insert this into your vhost file then you can force the downloading of the mp3 files in all browser types. This makes MP3 browser even better :-)

# forces mp3 files to download

ForceType application/octet-stream
Header set Content-Disposition attachment
bySunburst, October 30, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
It looks good, but there is no option to download the mp3-files as fx MP3 Browser has. Can this be done in a future version?
bySunburst, September 20, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I have been working professionally with Joomla back when it was called Mambo and I have tried nearly all new and old mailing systems for Joomla for my clients. My conclusion is clear: AcyMailing is the best mailing software for Joomla and I like to say that very loud :-)

Adrien (the developer) is extremely fast in his support and he gladly implements suggestions and that is properly why AcyMailing is very rich in features and has very user friendly intuitive pages :-)
bySunburst, June 27, 2009
Easy to install and setup. Fast support from developer. Nice new features not seen in other GoogleMap components for Joomla. A very active project - new features soon to come in the next version (seen on a roadmap page). I have tried nearly all the other GoogleMap components and this is the best.
bySunburst, May 1, 2008
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Surly CiviCRM is great, and I love it, but it is too hard to install on a normal server. CiviCRM is not Joomla friendly!

The file is too large and the installation takes too long so several timeouts are reached in the PHP. The workaround is to increase the timeouts before installing and decreasing them after the install. This you can only do if you have your own server or the hoster gives you access the php settings.

I recommend that the team behind CiviCRM rethink the installation – perhaps install the core of CiviCRM and move the rest to a second installation (like for example done in the JCE plugins, not said that the JCE plugins are demanding), perhaps with the use of Ajax so the execution timeout is not reached.