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bySunshineCharlie, May 11, 2011
CB Advanced Search
If there was an obvious way to contact the provider I would have tried that option before reviewing this component on here.

I can't get the search on username to work, it produces an sql error.

I think the component is nearly there, if the issue with the username could be fixed, and it could be extended to include more features as follows:

1. Ability to add search category groups, for example on my CB site, I have different groups of users i.e. business and personal users, and would like to be able to create 2 seperate search pages for these, or at least be able to search on either group - not both at once.

2. Ability to select what fields are returned in the search results list: instead of returning every single field that you have put in the advanced search page, have the option to select just those that are needed (in administration)i.e. name, location and link to the profile of users who meet the search criteria

3. Ability to add introductory text, and also field descriptions (as some might need a little explanation)
Owner's reply

Hello SunshineCharlie,

Selectable fields and multiple search pages are under development now, you can send an email to paypal email or simply reply to welcom email you got after payment.

Thank You,

bySunshineCharlie, December 20, 2009
The Geocode Factory
I am a novice with Joomla and found this componant extremely simple to install. Its also easy to customise using both Geocode and the Community Builder plugin manager. The only problem I had (due to me being a novice) was installing one of the plugin componantgs. The plugin has to be installed via the CB Plugin section and not through the Extension install/uninstall section. The instructions do say this whern you install the main componant, but I didn't see it at first.

Well worth the money!