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bySuperbongo, February 14, 2011
Simple Spotlight
I was searching for a rotator which i could tuck away in menu box.
Besides me wanting to show people multiple images sliding away, i also wanted people to be able to click an image and send them to an online location which is different for each image projected. Portfolio type slide.

All rotators i could find did not meet my demands, some had pretty cool imga changers some just faded out and in. Most of available downloads had something to do with image headers, i wasn't looking for those

After having installed a few rotators is was ready to give up the idea of having this kind of a portfolio on my site.

Then i found this nice mod, all pro's no con's as far as i could see. And it is now slideding away happely in a menu box in the corner of my site.

Developer good job with this product.
*thumbs up*