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bySwagatoBhatta, September 7, 2012
Such a shame! It is such a nice plugin. But it is not working as expected in my website. I have left a detailed issue in the github issue tracker list for you to look at. If a solution is received soon, I will use it . If not, I will look for alternative solution.
bySwagatoBhatta, August 13, 2012
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Firstly thanks to the superb support I received in SobiPro club membership forum. I am currently working for a web development company in Sydney. And during my work I have to extensively used this SobiPro tool. Thanks to you guys I was able to get a very complicated and big project done at ease. I have always received fast response in the forum.

I do have to caution everyone that SobiPro uses XSLT, XML, PHP, javascript extensively. So if you do not have enough experiences with these tools, you will start to face problems. But do not worry. Just ask questions in the forum. And always make a backup before doing changes on the XSLT and XML because just one tiny error will cause issue. :)

Thanks again guys. It has been a pleasure working with SobiPro. For a developer, the small learning curve should be nothing and once you get used to its coding one will start to find the huge possibility it can provide you. Good lucks guys. And I will love to see SobiPro fully accessible WCAG 2.0 AA by default out of the box ;) someday. If that happens, my life will be so easy.