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bySyntheticShield, November 24, 2006
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JCal Pro
I set up another Joomla site and needed a calendar. I checked yesterday and none of the ones available yesterday at joomla extenstions really seemed to fit the bill, so I resorted to another open source calendar and used it in a wrapper.

Today I come looking for another extension and check the new ones available and low and behold JCal is here. So I installed it and the modules to give it a spin. Initially I was very impressed. However after getting it installed and set up I found there is no way to add events from the administrator side. The only way to add events is from the front end and that only when you set who can submit events to 'Public Frontend'.

You can do so if you use a login for the site, but on this site I do not use the Joomla login form. I simply wanted the calendar to show events, I didnt want anyone to be able to do so from the front end and I dont want to use a login for the site.

In addition, it fails validation horribly. If that is important to you, as it is to me, then this may not be what you want. It seems odd to me that the Joomla team can create an entire CMS that validates out of the box yet the majority of the extensions available for Joomla will cause errors.

I probably would have used JCal anyway even with the validation issues if it were possible to add events from the administrator side. Its unfortunate as it is a really nice calendar out of the box so to speak, but for now I'll stick with my open source calendar in a wrapper.
Owner's reply

W3C valid markup is now a standard feature of JCal Pro as of v1.5.0.