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Reviews(2), December 12, 2012
This is one of the very few and very rare five star components available.

IF your site has any forms as core parts of your web site then look no further than this component from ChronoEngine.

At present you could have some minor problems with the proverbial clash between MooTools and jQuery. However, the latest Joomla 3 is supposed to support both MooTools and jQuery in the no conflict mode and more importantly Max the Chronoforms Developer is working on and about to release an updated version which will address this problem.

How do I know all this, well very simply through the most excellent forum support system that they have in place and it’s free, free, free.

Although this is a free component in the spirit of open source software, other developers please take note, it is only fair to contribute to their software development which will inevitably benefit us all by either buying them a beer or purchasing the optional validation code.

Although some site developers may feel that you need a basic knowledge of coding, let me assure everyone that if I as a 67 year old apprentice site developer can, with ChronoEngine support, produce great results then anyone can.
Content Uploader Pro
This is the first time that I have ever written a review on any subject let alone a joomla extension, so please bear with me!! and read on as this could save you a lot of time and effort which equates, in my mind, to the saving of a lot of money.

I required a very simple method to upload many thousand pages of data into a hub site that I am designing for several multi national companies. Neither, myself nor any of my staff are program orientated, we are designers, which means we have to outsource, at great cost, programmers to help when necessary.

With Content Uploader this element has now been resolved for me, even my secretarial staff can help out. As designers we are always looking for ways to simplify processes. I was so impressed with Content Uploader and the exceptional customer care provided by Chris Taylor of freakedout that I upgraded to Content Uploader Pro to show my appreciation for the extension. If you work with entering repetitively structured articles or any input, then check this one out. You will find it exceptional.