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byTIMosteller, April 9, 2012
Shortlink resolved a big issue we had, as we needed a way to "passkey" redirect people to certain articles without making them become registered users.
We use joomla 1.5 and are looking to upgrade to 2.5, so as previous reviewers, we'd love to see an update on this.
Also, by default the word "shortlink" appears in the field box, which means nothing to most users and is potentially confusing. I overwrote it in the language file to say "Pass Key"
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review!
For an update to Joomla 2.5, please try the downloads at

byTIMosteller, September 28, 2011
DT Register
After using and troubleshooting DT Register extensively with Joomla 1.5 for 6 months, I feel ready to review it. To be fair, with all the variety of registration needs out there, I doubt there is any extension out there that can anticipate and fulfill all those needs in one. I am rating this based on our needs. I've configured DT Register's array of options to meet most our needs and I’d live to rate it better on those counts, but it has been sloppy or non-optional on other counts. Specifically:

1. No option to make an event by invite only (our product is customized to private groups). You can make an event public or private (for logged in users) but not specify private access to one event from the others. I had to acquire an additional extension to get around this.

2. Minimum deposit does not calculate per person when using group registration, but does it per group, rendering the group registration feature useless to us. I've request this be amended several times, as have other users, but so far nothing.

3. In records, it shows the "amount" and total "amount paid" but does not keep track of how much has been paid in multiple installments, or when the increments were paid. So, if you (or the client) want to track invoicing dates or increments, there is no way to do it in the Records section. You have to do it through your payment gateway (which won't show you your DT Register Fields) or by saving all the Admin Emails that you can configure to show payment amounts.

4. Waitlist feature is not working on our site. After submitting a ticket, they got it to work by publishing our events in a list view, but our events can’t be published like that. I’ve tried implementing it through other links/access options, but no go. I responded as such, and no response after a week.

5. Frontend CSV Export renders sloppily and also shows fields that aren’t activated for the event (when the default is set to none). This requires me to backtrack edit all events when I make a new field, so that the front end user isn’t confused by irrelevant fields for export. They resolved some of this in a recent update, but have not responded to my follow up request in a month.

6. Perhaps a matter of taste, but the discount code field automatically appears at the top of the registration and cannot be moved to a more discrete or proper locale in the middle or end, like you can with other fields.

In sum, if your needs are such that you want your events to be published to the general public to register, and fees will be paid in one lump sum, without incremental invoicing, DT Register should suit you just fine, and you’ll find many options that you’re likely not to need. Online tutorials are helpful. Expect support to respond quickly and friendly when they have a ready answer or a fix, but if you follow up with a curve ball or something more nuanced to your needs, they’re apt to sit on it for a while. My impression is they are negligent not by passivity, but by being overwhelmed and distracted with constant fixes and joomla upgrades. Expect to have to upload the latest version every month or two, which can be a little tedious if you’ve customized your language file.
If they feel the need to respond to this review, I likewise encourage them to respond to my open tickets.

Update: DT Register does now calculate minimum payments "per registrant" for Group registrations. However, I have found that the CSV export for group registrants (a party of three shows up on 4 lines with 4 names) and the confirmation email (Can't use [all field] populator for groups) are sloppy to the point it's not worth using Group Registrations. So I'm still forcing Individual registrations only.
Owner's reply

It was a bit disappointing to see this review as we have helped this user many times, even when the issues were due to his setup and not an actual DT Register problem. To address his points:

1) Correct, there is no invitation only event feature. This is something that is coming, but not there yet as of today... nor is it found in other extensions. The options we do have already go beyond what you'll find elsewhere. Should we be reviewed negatively for a feature we don't have that we never said was there to begin with??

2) The discount code applying to each person in the group is on "the list" and will most likely be in the next major update. We add new features and improvements VERY often, but we haven't done the one this user wants for a good reason. We are making numerous improvements on the group registration side that will be an even better improvement, instead of just messing with this one item.

3) True, the backend doesn't keep track of installments. Other components don't even allow partial payments to begin with so what we DO have is much better and further along than the next option. Groundwork has been laid for a record history view so that will be coming too.

4) Waiting list feature works just fine. It wasn't working for this user as he wasn't using it quite right. We've clarified this for him.

5) The frontend CSV export issue being "sloppy" is due to his template. Not a DT Register problem. This feature works just fine for others.

6) The discount code can be moved to the bottom of the registration form by modifying one file. He never asked us about this so we didn't even know he wanted this.

Regarding frequent updates, we don't apologize for that. We say "You're welcome". We don't make people wait 6 months for the next update to get a fix for an issue. We make regular updates to make sure people have access to the best package available. About the language file... no worries. The upgrade instructions cover this and it's easy to upgrade and keep your language modifications.

This user has no unanswered tickets. He has MANY solved and closed tickets and had two that were pending (but not as long pending as stated here). We work hard to help everyone in a timely manner. As the title of this review says "not all things to all people"... of course it isn't. No extension is. DT Register is by far the most extensive of what is available and will cover 99% of what you can throw at it. Anything beyond that, we'll work with you and try to get it added ASAP... which shows in the fact that we have such regular updates. It's not just fixes but frequent addition of new features! :) Read the rest of the reviews below and you'll see DT Register is really the only way to go!