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byTMakro, April 23, 2014
Address Book
I was looking for an extension to list Joomla user details, such as member addresses, phone no etc.
This is a simple extension, that, contrary to what I first though, does not list Joomla users. Instead, you must add users manually for this list. Much like creating an article in which you add a table with various manually entered data.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. We will add your suggestion to our queue for the next version if the extension.

byTMakro, November 7, 2013
Simple Switch User
Before trying this plugin, I tried another one in the same category.
With the other one, one had to log on with the username of the target user, using the admin password. Logging on as many users became a big thing.
This plugin, however, does not require any password to be entered. Once logged into the backend, you just click the target user, click the button to log on as that user, and bang, you're in as that user. Excellent!

If you're more into typing than clicking, you might prefer one of the other extensions, though.
byTMakro, November 7, 2013
This plugin has eliminated automated spam for me. It's able to perform several types of checks, works flawlessly, and is very easy to setup.
If your website has any kind of public/guest write access (guestbook, forum, contact form etc), then this plugin is something you should install.
The only flaw, though a small one most of us can live with, is that it does not show a user, whose login attemt is rejected, why he cannot log in. So the user may keep trying various passwords etc, even though the password was correct.
byTMakro, September 16, 2013
Besides a drop-down box that has an incorrect icon, this extension works fine. For some folks, this extension might be just fine. However, I cannot use it, as it lacks these crucial features:
-It enumerates all weblink categories, and shows the user configured amount of links in each. It cannot show a max number of links, from all categories, such as the newest 3 links from multiple categories.
-It cannot sort the newest links (ordered by date, descending).
I see I'm the first person reviewing this extension, so I hope the developer finds time and will to fix these issues.
byTMakro, February 22, 2013
EU Cookie Directive Lite
I made a quick test of this plugin. I didn't experience any errors. It's nice and small, so it's quick to setup. However, I had to discharge it, as some of the text displayed is in English, and cannot be customized. What a shame.
Owner's reply

Hi TMakro, thanks for downloading the plugin.

We would just like to let you know that the Pro version of this extension allows for all of the text to be edited, so you can use whatever language you like.

The light version, as you mentioned, has a more limited set of customization features.

Thanks again

byTMakro, April 18, 2012
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DataSafe PRO
This is a nice and simple database backup and restore utility.

No bugs encountered
Nice and simple, very little config. required
Automatic scheduled backups
Backups are kept locally on the server, as well as e-mailed (optional).

Only the entire DB is processed. It's not possible to select particular tables for backup/restore. However, it uses a simple .SQL file, so with some manual editing, this can be achieved.
More advanced backup/restore functionality is available on most web/DB servers, using PhpMyAdmin.
byTMakro, February 12, 2012
BT Social Sharing
This is a nice plugin, with nice features like the ability to exclude it from certain categories and articles.

It loads slowly, as it loads non-local icons (from the Internet). Ideally, all icons should be local.
It also has a problem with my Artisteer template, so that some of the icons don't appear, for instance the Google+ icon. Since many Joomla templates are Artisteer created, this is something that the developers should look into.
AddThis All In One Social Network Buttons
This is a small plugin, with nice features for excluding articles, categories, icon sixe options etc. It supports many bookmark/social sites. However, I miss the ability to disable those social sites I don't need.
Social Share Buttons
It's a nice plugin with some customization features - not bad for a version 1.

However, some of the icons don't show in the frontend, when I use my Artisteer created template. Everything works fine with the default templates. Since many Joomla sites use Artisteer templates, this is something that should be fixed.
byTMakro, February 16, 2010
It does exactly as it promises, shows the difference between two dates. So, if you need to show the difference between two dates, try this module.

Though it works as promised, I need a bit more, in order to use it. So here's an improvement suggestion:
Make the module only appear if todays date is between date1 and date2.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. I am afraid I don't understand your suggestion correctly. Can you please contact me via a forum to explain? (use the 'Support' link above or Thanks!